Ants Control

Ants are both beneficial and harmful to our environment. When their dominance increases in our homes, it is surely harmful to us. For this reason, We provide you with our services to get rid of their domination.      


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Are you really want to be aware of Ants? 

What are Ants?

Ants are common insects, but they have several unique capabilities. Nowadays, more than 10,000 known ant species occur in the world. Generally social insects, ants typically live in structured nest communities that may be located underground like inside or outside your home, in ground-level mounds, or any trees. On the other hand, carpenter ants nest in wood and can be destructive to buildings. Moreover, Some species of ants, such as army ants, defy the norm and do not have any permanent homes, instead seeking out food for their large colonies during migration.

 How much of a risk are they?

Ants have known germs – viruses, harmful microbes, and bacteria and you would often find them near filthy sources exploring for food. Ants pick up those disease-causing microbes and can spread those objectionable organisms in our food. Since they move in abundance, they can pollute our food more effectively than any other type of insect whenever they come in contact with uncovered food lying in our homes. Having a large colony of red ants in the house can be a breeding ground for diseases like e.coli, salmonella, shigella, etc. and this is one of the leading causes on why to get rid of ants.

How much does ants’ treatment cost?

According to the home instructor, ants extermination costs between $80 and $500, with an average cost of $150. This cost estimate is influenced by the number of treatments your ants’ infestation requires. For example, if you need four treatments for a year, you may expect to pay closer to $500.

Sign of Ants Infestation:

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Visibly seeing ants walking around inside or outside in your house.

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Coming and outgoing across a literal ant trail.

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Finding the ants mounds outside your home.

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If you have left out any food and see ants crawling in or around these foods.

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Finding insect wings on the floor, on window ledges, or close to outdoor entrances.

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Finding ants living inside your trees.

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Finding sawdust trails.

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Hollow sounds in wooden beams.

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Your wooden structures are crumbling.

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Rustling noises in your walls.

Ants Control Services

What Our Customers Are Saying

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LH Ching
5 star rating
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I had the most pleasant experience with the 247localexterminators. I requested for quotation for a one time treatment as I have sighted little red ants in my kitchen crawling out from a hole in the walls. He advised me to get the wall cemented to solve the problem. Instead of persuading me to sign contract for pest control service, he had given me a simple solution. Kudos Victor!

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Brandon Munson
5 star rating
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My old past company was in and out in a minute. 247localexterminators takes their time to ensure they treat every area. Great customer service and whom I trust with our pests (ants in particular) to take care of us! Thanks 247localexterminators I will rest much better at night without thinking about what’s crawling around in our house.

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Tom Barber
5 star rating
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247localexterminators came to my house he looked everywhere in the house to see if there were termite trails including basement. Also checked under rocks outside of house. They said they saw no sign of termites. 247localexterminators gave me a fair price to come back in the future if I saw termites. I will call them again in the future.

Ants Facts

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Argentine Ants:

Argentine ants are mega colony ants with a huge capacity for growth and expansion due to their many queens and splintering off to new colonies. Their usual habitation is outside, but these ants can present a problem when they come inside searching for food. If they stepped on, workers emit a musty smell. Argentine ants cannot sting. Argentine ants are so invasive.

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Carpenter ants:

Carpenter ants get their name cause they build their nests in wood. These insects can cause serious damage to our house. Generally, carpenter ants don’t carry any disease, but when they are building a nest inside a home, Carpenter ants dig smooth tunnels inside the wood. These tunnels weaken the wood and damage the wood that keeps the house standing. This kind of damage can be more expensive to fix. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

It takes an exterminator as little as 48 hours to get rid of ants, but sometimes it can take up to several weeks to several months. The exact duration of ant extermination depends on these ants’ infestation size and extermination method. If your ant infestation problem has not calmed in two to three weeks post-treatment, contact us to revisit the issue.

An exterminator will base their ant removal techniques on the type of ant and the source of the ant’s problem. Types of ants extermination commonly used are poison baits and traps, treatment sprays, drilling into ants mounds, or a combination.

To permanently sort out the ants, you must figure out how they get into your house and why they stay. Ants can get into your home through holes and cracks in your house’s exterior. Seal these gaps with close or replacing damaged materials. Once ants are in your house, ants are on the search for food and haven. Make sure that you keep your home clean of food fractions.

You should be able to eliminate even larger ant infestations with frequent use of the ant killer. However, if your problem isn’t going away, it may be best to take our professional services to handle it.

Generally, Ants are attracted to warm spaces where they can build their colony while still being near enough food sources, and moisture and protecting the nest indoors or outdoors of the home.

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