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UV Light Traps For Flying Insect Minimization

UV Light Traps

UV Light Traps

UV fly traps typically use ultraviolet light to attract flying insects. The UV light emits a different kind of weave length which is suitable for flying insects. As they draw closer certain locking or trapping mechanisms can lock them up. The emitted light is considered irresistible for the insects.

Asked why flying insects are attracted to lights. Is it only the UV light? The answer is NO. Flying pests have a condition called positive phototaxis. This scientific condition makes them attracted to light sources. But if you consider it in simple ways. Flies see the light sources as a way of navigation and direction.

Why Flies Never Leave Modern Light Sources

With the increase of modern technologies, we are well dependent on advanced technologies. There is no fear of dark in the night. This makes our life easier as light helps us to navigate areas reflectively. Flies are not very unique either. They also use light as a way of navigation and direction. Their eyes are very sensitive to light wavelength. So, yes even in a joking manner flies like lights a lot. Especially the new LED ones. Their intense beam of light makes flying insects irresistible to them. And here comes a great theory of the color of lights. Like humans pests also understand the level of attraction. In this subject among all the colors pests like the blue color way better than any other. This gives us the answer as to why pest feels more attracted to UV light.

Here are some Few Important points why pests hover over light casually:

  • Considering the light source as a part of navigation and direction. As they use the light of the sun and moon for direction it is common to understand why they circle lights.
  • The possible chance of finding a mate. They think light sources can give them a cue about this.
  • Food source is another important factor. Few plants resemble colorful lights and skin which attract flying insects. So they think of the LED light as a potential source of food.
  • Protection from the dark. As they can not see in the dark the fear of getting hunted is a deep fear for them. To save themselves from potential danger they go on hunting.

Various Types of UV Light Traps for Pest Control

UV light not only just attracts pests and lets them hover on the light. Yes, it can keep away insects from you. But for better solutions or pest management, you need other methods. You need designed traps that can trap insects and capture them at the same time to lower your level of infestations.

These are the name of few common traps:

Bug Zappers

By using a power grid inside the device it can simply electrocute the insect. The electrified grid does its solution work while the bright UV light attracts flying insects. So, Bug Zapper is really a valuable tool.

UV Light Traps with Sticky Boards

With the help of sticky surfaces, this device as the name suggests traps the insects as they come close. This does not kill them but makes them unmoveable. Making them stuck to to board.

UV Light Traps with Fans

A combination of a UV light and a fan creates an airflow that draws insects. Next thing they know being captured on a sticky surface.

Decorative UV Light Traps

With the vibe of aesthetics, these traps resemble decorative lamps or fixtures. Not only for showcase they can seriously pack some great defense. For your wonderful home.

When the time to choose a UV light trap. You must consider space, level of infestation, and discretion. Also, maintain safety and follow guidelines that the company provides for better pest management.

In conclusion, various UV light traps, offered by the market can offer various solutions. These traps utilize light and capturing mechanisms for effective solutions indoors and outdoors. When selecting a trap, you need to consider different facts and side effects. Try to follow safety guidelines and expert solutions for better and optimal performance. With the help of an expert pest control company or advisor, you can cut off the large cost. To receive a comprehensive flying pest solution try 247localexterminators and gain important knowledge about pest solutions to help you with your needs and keep your family safe also if for business keep it on optimal production rate.