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Pest Control and the Impact on Grasshoppers and Crickets: Crop Protection


In this world of ours agriculture is plays a vital rule. But pest control in this sector plays a crucial rule in order to safeguard the crops and yields. Among all of the pests grasshoppers and crickets are most dangerous they can dos some serious damage. In this blog we will try to explore how we can control these insects from harming from our crops.

The important of Grasshoppers and Crickets

Understanding the ecological balance of nature is an urgent matter before we take some serious action against these insects we need to explore how they help us. In a minimal percentage these insects are not a matter of danger because they are literally a part of our ecosystem. They eat of grass or plants which is good for the population ratio. But if their growth goes out of control it can become a problem as they will feed more plants which can be a hindrance to the growth. If they devour more the amount of crops and profit may will decrease for the farmer.  So, it is essential to keep balance between the ecological and economical ratio. Otherwise this have the potential to harm hardly.

Pest Control Methods:

Chemical Methods

Pesticides have been the most used product used in agricultural purpose. These kinds of substances are designed to kill pests and demolish them. It works on every kinds of pests. This is a reliable method but it comes with some serious drawbacks:

Environmental Impact

Pesticides harm both lethal and non-lethal organism, pollute the water source and disrupt the ecosystem.


Every living organism has the ability to adopt. Insects are no different as they are living organism. With time they also adapt to the same pesticides. Making them less effective with time.

Health Concern

Using pesticides is in no way better. Because crops with pesticides not only kills insects/pests it is also harmful for human health and animals which bears a great risk.

Biological Control

Biological control means the use of predators and parasites to encounter pest population.  Birds, nematodes can serve as natural predators to encounter grasshoppers and crickets. As they are natural predators they don’t posses a threat to human life and also doesn’t affect natural environment instead they solve the problem in natural way.

Cultural Practices

Farmers can undertake natural strategies to reduce the growth of both of these pests, decrease the damage. Changing crop rotation, plating different kinds of crops, changing the time of crop plantation can also help etc. These steps can disrupt the natural cycle of pest life which can minimize crop damage and over all loss.


This should be taken as a last resort as the process is quite heavy this should not be taken into action if the problem is in its first stage. This process is mixed of biological controls, chemical treatments, and cultural practices so this is kind of a long term process.

The Impact on Grasshopper and Crickets

Pest confinement measures, especially chemical pesticides can have significant effect on grasshoppers and crickets but with time they lose their effectiveness. While in the beginning they are very effective they are not a solution for long time use. Also they not only harm the pests their effects can range up to non-lethal targets too. Which is no way acceptable. Also continue use of pesticides can sum up to pesticides resistant pests.Which can make the future more troublesome and make it more challenging. This alone indicates that all should adopt to the natural way of killing pesticides and practices friendly pest control practices.

To Conclude,

Safeguarding yields in agricultural yields and crops is a multifunctional work. It`s essential for maintaining a stable food supply. A combination of pest control members, strategies, active inspections can prevent this problem. Implementing such actions can reduce damage of crops, decrease the loss of profit also bring a balance to the ecological system. So, in order to have the stable growth and keep the production high these steps can play a crucial rule to minimize the environmental impact and have a healthy planet.

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